Good Salary

We have a really comprehensive guide about phlebotomy salary, the factors that impact it like location, experience or the employer, and much more.

Currently the median salary for a phlebotomy technician is around $32,700, but if you considered the average total benefits in the sector, the median total compensation grows to $48,043.

You can also consider the career as a phlebotomist the starting point for your career in the healthcare sector, you may start as a phlebotomist and later, when you have a better knowledge of the field, switch to a better paid career.

Fast Training & Certification Program

Due to the increasing technical nature of medicine in the modern world and the increasing number of patients requiring healthcare services, all medical professionals need to be properly trained and certified on their area of expertise to provide excellent service to their patients.

Luckily, it is possible to get trained and certified in phlebotomy in a short period of time.

The duration will vary from 3 months (short term phlebotomy training courses) to 4 years (Bachelor Degree in Phlebotomy). It will depend of the course that you select.

Easy Path to Phlebotomy

Some careers are difficult to start: the process to become a professional in the area is to complex, requires to many steps, or takes a long time.

Does in not the case in phlebotomy – you can start your career in this exciting field and become a phlebotomist in a short period of time, following four simple steps!

As you can see, it an easy path to join this fast-growing field, with great job growth outlook.

One of our main objectives is to give access to everyone interested in phlebotomy the right tools and resources to succeed in this area.

With that in mind, we created a section with free practice tests, that you can use free of charge to become prepared for you phlebotomy exams. We also created a resource section, where you can find our preferred resources to learn & practice phlebotomy.

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