Phlebotomist Salary: The Definitive Guide

Interested in phlebotomy jobs but wondering what a phlebotomist salary would look like?


as with most fields, it varies based upon several criteria, and you can find all the relevant information in this article.

We are going to show you detail all the factors that impact phlebotomy salary, the expected range, tips to increase your pay, who are the best employers and much more!

But first, you can check the relevant phlebotomist salary metrics on this infographic:


Phlebotomist Salary – Yearly

Getting right to the heart of the matter:

The median for phlebotomy salaries is just a shade over $32,700. The range runs from $23,330 to a little more than $46,800, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor.


Phlebotomist Salary – Hourly

Want to know how much does a phlebotomist make an hour?

The hourly salary for a phlebotomist is in the range of $11 to $23, with a median hourly wage of $15.72.


The salary growth for phlebotomy is expected to be up to 25% until 2022, much higher than the projected average growth of the job market. With the healthcare reform and the increase of life expectancy, more patients will need healthcare treatment. This factor will drive demand for more phlebotomists in the future.

With that rate of growth, the demand for technicians with phlebotomy training and certification will increase. And, as you know, anytime you have increased demand, increased salaries are sure to follow. So, the future looks bright for phlebotomy salaries.

Phlebotomist Benefits

The best part?

A phlebotomy technician salary is not only composed by the base salary, you should also consider the benefits that your employer gives you on top of the salary.

You can see in the figure below a phlebotomist pay per year, when all the benefits are taken into account:


To accurately calculate how much does a phlebotomist make per year, all the benefits need to be calculated. On average the total benefits of a salaried phlebotomist will add around $15,000 to the base salary making the median total compensation grow to $48,043.

Compensation Median % of Total
Base Salary $32,710 68.1%
Health Insurance $6,592 13.7%
Paid Leave $3,980 8.3%
Social Security $2,474 5.1%
Pension $2,037 4.2%
Education $250 0.5%
Total Package $46,035 100%

Phlebotomy technicians are usually entitled to benefits, such as:

health insurance benefit

Health Insurance

Healthcare institutions will usually offer a good healthcare insurance that typically includes medical, vision and dental insurance. The median value of the health insurance package for a salaried phlebotomist is $6,592, with the range going from $6,000 to $7,000.

Common Health Benefits for Salaried Phlebotomists states that the most common health benefits for phlebotomy technician are:

Type Description %
phlebotomist-health-benefit-vision-medical Medical 70%
phlebotomist-health-benefit-vision-dental Dental 61%
phlebotomist-health-benefit-vision Vision 54%
phlebotomist-health-benefit-vision-none None 26%
time off benefit

Paid Leave

Most employers will offer holidays & paid sick leave to phlebotomists. This benefit for a salaried phlebotomist has a median value of $3,980 (range between $3,500 – $4,500).

social security benefit

Social Security

Another relevant benefit that should be considered as part of a phlebotomist salary is Social Security – the median value of this benefit is $2,474, ranging from $2,000 to $3,000.

pension benefit


Most employers will offer retirement plans like 401K to their employees. This benefit will typically range from $1,000 to $5,000, with the median value being $2,037.

education benefit


A certified phlebotomy technician needs to get continuing education units to get re-certified. Some employees will support the re-certification and phlebotomist training process. This benefit will vary a lot depending on the phlebotomy school but on average it will have an approximate value of $250 per year.

Factors that Impact Phlebotomy Technician Salary

Here’s the deal:

Like any other profession, there are several factors that may impact the salary of a phlebotomist. The top factors that affect how much do phlebotomists make are:



A phlebotomy tech salary is impacted by the amount of training and experience the phlebotomist has.

Obviously, someone who has achieved the proper phlebotomy certification and has been in the field for a number of years can expect to earn a higher salary. This isn’t unique to phlebotomy, it’s the norm in most industries.


How much does a junior phlebotomist make?

At the start of year career as a phlebotomist you will be on the low range of the phlebotomy pay scale. A junior phlebotomy technician average salary is around $10.99 an hour.

How much does a phlebotomist make with years of experience?

As you progress in your phlebotomy career and accumulate experience as a phlebotomy technician your pay will increase. You can take a few years to get to the top of your profession but you can expect to earn more than $21 per hour (or more than $45,00 per year) once you achieve it.



Certification is only mandatory in four states (California, Washington, Nevada, and Louisiana) but having a phlebotomist certification will ensure that you will be on the high end of the salary range. Like in most professions, phlebotomy employers will pay more for professionals with adequate training and certification.

Not only will your salary be higher if you are a certified phlebotomy technician compared to a non-certified phlebotomist but the certification will also help you get hired faster than a phlebotomist without the certification.



Additionally, phlebotomy salaries differ according to the type of institution or business the technician is employed with. Hospitals generally pay more and offer better benefits, than clinics or private practice physician’s offices.  There can also be a difference based upon types and sizes of hospitals.

Phlebotomy jobs at larger regional hospitals can often pay a higher salary than smaller rural hospitals. Government operated hospitals, such as VA Medical Centers, generally tend to be just a bit below regional hospitals in terms of salary, but the benefits of working for the federal government can offset some of the difference.

Typical Phlebotomy Pay Scale per Employer

You can find on the table below, the average phlebotomy pay for different employers.

Employer Average Annual Salary
Laboratory Services $34,420
Ambulatory Car $31,520
Physician’s Offices $31,520
Hospitals $31,300


Phlebotomy salaries vary according to the region of the country you are in (speaking of the United States as the country). The standard of living of each state will directly impact the salaries, because you will need to earn more to cover higher expenses.

That’s not all…

In the next section you can find the average phlebotomy pay rate for the different states.

Phlebotomy Salary by State

State Hourly Mean Salary ($) Annual Mean Salary ($) Annual Salary Range ($)
Alabama 13.86 28,830 20,680 – 38,384
Alaska 19.55 40,670 31,550 – 52,523
Arizona 14.63 30,420 21,680 – 39,399
Arkansas 13.39 27,860 20,750 – 37,371
California 19.84 41,270 28,260 – 57,573
Colorado 17.39 36,170 26,580 – 47,479
Connecticut 18.84 39,190 30,850 – 49,496
Delaware 17.33 36,040 27,640 – 46,464
District of Columbia 19.52 40,600 32,480 – 50,500
Florida 14.37 29,880 22,190 – 38,385
Georgia 14.73 30,630 21,950 – 39,395
Hawaii 16.93 35,220 26,470 – 47,470
Idaho 14.31 29,760 23,920 – 38,380
Illinois 17.08 35,520 25,080 – 48,480
Indiana 14.67 30,520 22,230 – 39,392
Iowa 14.26 29,670 22,600 – 38,381
Kansas 15.21 31,630 22,110 – 41,415
Kentucky 14.19 29,510 21,520 – 38,388
Louisiana 13.81 28,730 20,470 – 38,387
Maine 14.44 30,040 22,560 – 38,383
Maryland 18.3 38,070 31,220 – 48,486
Massachusetts 18.65 38,800 29,000 – 49,497
Michigan 14.42 30,000 21,830 – 38,388
Minnesota 17.59 36,590 27,450 – 48,488
Mississippi 13.51 28,090 20,590 – 38,382
Missouri 14.32 29,780 20,350 – 39,391
Montana 15.67 32,580 22,470 – 45,458
Nebraska 15.05 31,300 23,560 – 39,391
Nevada 17.72 36,860 27,280 – 48,487
New Hampshire 18.34 38,140 27,250 – 48,489
New Jersey 18.13 37,710 29,100 – 48,483
New Mexico 13.48 28,040 20,920 – 38,380
New York 18.22 37,890 25,890 – 50,504
North Carolina 14.38 29,920 22,090 – 38,388
North Dakota 13.72 28,540 21,450 – 37,377
Ohio 15.32 31,860 24,360 – 39,398
Oklahoma 14.19 29,520 21,800 – 38,384
Oregon 17.65 36,720 27,450 – 48,480
Pennsylvania 16.4 34,120 25,440 – 46,462
Rhode Island 18.83 39,160 28,070 – 51,512
South Carolina 13.53 28,150 21,050 – 36,368
South Dakota 13.27 27,600 21,560 – 35,353
Tennessee 13.63 28,350 20,830 – 38,385
Texas 15.12 31,450 22,510 – 40,405
Utah 13.63 28,340 21,370 – 36,364
Vermont 16.65 34,620 26,590 – 43,435
Virginia 15.96 33,200 23,040 – 45,456
Washington 17.75 36,930 27,690 – 48,483
West Virginia 14.11 29,350 21,200 – 38,385
Wisconsin 16.42 34,150 25,670 – 46,464
Wyoming 15.48 32,190 23,390 – 40,409
Puerto Rico 11.34 23,580 16,390 – 37,373


Not all phlebotomists have the same role or position so not all the phlebotomists will have the same pay rate. You can find on the following table some examples of different phlebotomy technician salaries per position, according to

Position Hourly Rate Annual Salary
Psc Site Coordinator $32.69 $68,000
Phlebotomy Technician $14.42 $30,000
Mobile Phlebotomist $12.02 $25,000
Phlebotomy Lab Assistant $11.54 $24,000
Blood Donor Phlebotomist $11.06 $23,000

How Does a Phlebotomist Salary Compare with Other Salaries in Healthcare

Phlebotomist salaries are not in the top of the health care professions, but many phlebotomist technicians move to a better paying healthcare position during their career.

The following graphic shows the average pay for other healthcare professionals:


6 Ways to Increase Your Salary as a Phlebotomist

You may be wondering:

How you can I increase my phlebotomist pay? There are different ways to increase your wage as a phlebotomy technician, and most of them are related with the factors that impact how much do phlebotomists make, mentioned before.

#1 – Certification:

Although certification is not mandatory in most of the states, it will positively impact your pay. Having a certification shows that you are more qualified and that you have the required knowledge and skills to work in this area.

#2 – Experience / Specialization:

Having more years of experience as phlebotomy technician will definitively increase your pay. As a starting phlebotomist you will be paid around $25,000, but your pay should quickly reach the $30,000 mark when you hit the 5 years of experience.

You can also use your experience on the job to become a specialist in a line of the phlebotomy career – this will also increase your salary.

#3 – Change Employer:

Changing employer usually leads to a better pay, this is true not only for phlebotomists, but in general. If you are not happy with your current pay, look for better opportunities that will offer you a better pay and/or benefits.

As shown above in the “Typical Phlebotomy Pay Scale per Employer” table, a phlebotomist salary will also vary for different type of employers. If you work in one of the employer types that pay a lower rate (like nursing homes), consider changing to a type of employer that pays a better rate for phlebotomists.

#4 – Change Location:

In the “Phlebotomy Salary by State” table above, you can find the average mean salary in other states. If it’s significantly higher than yours, you may consider to move to a state that will pay a higher salary to a phlebotomy technician.

During you research, do not forget to check the average living expenses and compare with your current expenses.

#5 – Work More Hours:

Some employers need phlebotomist 24/7, like hospitals, so there is room to work more hours to get a better pay at the end of the month. You should also try to work on hours that pay better than the average, like late nights and weekends.

# 6 – Ask:

Ask your employer a pay raise – is something simple to do. Just make sure that you are able to support your request with solid arguments and data.


Phlebotomist Salaries in Other English Speaking Countries

As a reference, check how much a phlebotomist in paid in other English speaking countries:

Country Median Yearly Salary (Local Currency) Median Yearly Salary ($) Median Hourly Salary ($)
Canada CAD $37,000 $27,750 $13.34
Australia AU$43,500 $31,755 $15.27
United Kingdom £25,000 $31,250 $15.02
Ireland €30,500 $32,025 $15.4


U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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